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    Unique Learning Experience

    Our Teachers are qualified, well trained individuals who have a genuine passion
    for instructing our kids, knowing that they are our future.

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    Equipped Computer Lab

    Our computer rich curriculum guarantees to give your child the best Life
    Life can offer. Your kids is smart with witty Kids School

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    Beautiful School Premises

    The Witty Kids' School is located in a serene environment, with beautiful and
    aesthetically pleasing buildings,where learning is enjoyable.

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    The Magic is Care

    The only place where we pay attention to individual learning approaches of .
    children is here. You can only get it with Witty Kids School



Witty Kids' Schools is committed to providing complete and quality education with a view to turning out well-groomed scholars to contribute immensely to our society.



Creating a conducive environment, using top class facilities and human resources for academic, moral, religious and skill development of a total child..

Welcome to Witty Kids' School

Witty Kids' Schools comprises of Witty Kids' Primary School and Witty Kids' Secondary School. The school was established in 2011 by the visionary, Mrs. Henrietta Abu. The school boasts of an enabling and conducive environment, with world-class facilities for intellectual, academics, spiritual, moral and physical development of a child. We are poised to producing godly students who will be the future leaders of our dear country, Nigeria. Witty Kids' School have remained the trailblazers in Nigeria's private educational sector. Its academic prowess speaks for itself by the quality of graduates produced. No wonder Witty Kids' Schools is ranked amongst the best today, in Nigeria.


WittyKids Secondary School has a broad based curriculum consisting of all the subject areas specified by the ministry of Education,broken into the Junior Second...



Witty Kids' School operates a wider curriculum tailored adequately to prepare our scholars for the Nigerian Common Entrance Examinations.We are an IT-based scho...



We have some other side attractions like the Spelling Bee, Mental Maths Drill etc. We have an array of extra-curricular activities at the school which cover spo...



Witty Kids' School Crèche admits babies of pre-school ages between 6 weeks and 2 years. These babies receive total care in our secured homely environment where ...